Valentine’s Day Outreach! Always exciting

How’s it works. We create hundreds of Valentine Packs available for the people of our church to take as they leave after the Sunday service before Valentine’s Day.

This year we are also preparing red roses, and vases. We order in advance from a local florist, and vases from Dollar Tree. (Dollar Tree will ship the vases to a Dollar Tree near your area.)

We serve our teachers by taking a special display of kindness, with chocolate, balloons, and other items to the school staff rooms in all of our local schools, and the school office in Tipp City.

We deliver to the schools early Valentine’s Day morning. We give the office staff a special rose vase for their office. The office staff take the other items to the school staff rooms. One year we purchased special Valentine cup-cakes.

Teachers need our appreciation. The outreach helps us build bridges with the schools, and also encourages the staff in a practical way.

We will also create kindness gifts for Tipp City Community Offices, the Police, Banks, and the Fire department.

Here’s how we set up Kindness-to-go the Sunday before Valentine’s Day, and the optional outreach .

Our teens pack a few Hershey Kisses into small zip lock bags with our special “Hugs, everyone needs one!” connect cards. They usually pack the Sunday before Valentine’s Day (see samples below.)

We also create simple instruction sheets to help guide our people the week of the the outreach.

We also have rose bud vases prepped on the Saturday before the Sunday the weekend before Valentine’s available on tables to pick up.

The tables are located at our exit with black table cloths and balloons to create a fun vibe.

People pick up several of the bags of Kisses, and a few rose vases as they leave the weekend service. They take the Kisses, and/or the Rose Vases to friends, families, stores, and drive through food places.

Bolder people have the freedom to ask, “How can I pray for you today?” As they pray… they often hear His whisper about the person and speak words of encouragement.

What’s in a gift of a small flower and a pack of kisses?
I think serving others in a fun creative way sends an upbeat message to the people in our stressed-out world. Serving others is a small action that sends a signal that says, ‘Hey, someone cares for you.’ The action performed with genuine love somehow touches the heart.

My friend Scott, says, ‘Agape love revealed… means my love is demonstrated as I serve others through the choices I make, and by the actions I take.’ 

Process for Valentine’s Outreach:

  • 4 weeks out: have connect cards printed (
  • 4 weeks out: order Hershey Kisses.
  • 4 weeks out: order 4”X4” zip bags.
  • 4 weeks out: order boxes of Carnations or Roses for pick up.
  • 2 weeks out: have kids, teens, or a team pack the bags.
  • The weekend before Valentine’s Day: have packs and rose vases prepped and placed on tables at all exits.

Optional Valentine Outreach Saturday before Valentine’s Day

  • 3 weeks out. Advertise the outreach for church, order flowers, purchase Hershey Kisses, and zip bags.
  • 3 days out: pick up pre-ordered flowers, cut stems, and place them in buckets of water so they will be open on the day.
  • 3 days out: design maps with instructions and contact phone numbers.
  • 3 days out: 3 days out: gather Kiss packs and place in larger bags or containers for transport.

On the day.

  • Gather at 10am.
  • Give Instructions then divide up into teams. Also, encourage people be open to God’s leading and offer pray with people. Go to shops; go to check out or customer service desks ask, “How many ladies are working today?” Count out Kisses packs and flowers give to workers, Say, ‘We’re from the (name of Church) and you’ve just been kissed or hugged today!”
  • Load up, and head out.

After the project go to a coffee shop or return to base for download,

Time Flies! What a year!

Looking back it’s been a year of surprises, and a lot of connections to our community!
We can’t believe this year went so fast! It seems like a blink!

Christmas Outreach.

Our last outreach of this year. We’ve adopted several families and organizations to support. People pick a tag from our giving tree after Sunday services. They shop, fill the dot bag with their purchases, and return. We then deliver the items in the dot bags to school counselors to take the gifts to the families. We also deliver the items purchased to organizations that reach out to moms in need.



Our Thanksgiving outreach was a lot of fun. People gathered, picked up dinners, and headed out to serve families in low-income areas. We delivered the dinners, prayed, and encouraged the families.

You’re Kidding!

We put our dinners in the car and paused to decide where we should go. Pattie says, “I think we should go to the Laundromat.”
We pull in, picked up a Thanksgiving dinner out of the car, and knocked on a family’s car window and say, “Hi. We have a Thanksgiving dinner for you.” The young surprised mom says, “You’re kidding!?” “Nope, not kidding.”
She and her daughter get out of the car. We explain who we were and what we were doing.
During the conversation, we discovered the young mom lost her job, was trying to catch up with bills, and adjust to her new job. Her son had spent time in the hospital. This was the reason she lost her job. We had a wonderful conversation.
At the end of our time together we prayed and encouraged the family. Right time! Right place!

Schools Outreach!

Monday after the outreach we delivered Thanksgiving dinners to the school counselors in Tipp City. They were so encouraging and excited! The counselors then delivered the dinners to their families in need.

Students Serve Students!

A group of high school students decided to love and serve their fellow students. They created small envelopes with a small gift card. Then placed the envelops in every students locker. The gift card is to to our coffee shop in Tipp City. Grounds for Pleasure. It’s fun to partner with our schools!

Pop-Up Outreach… Salt and Light.

We heard the news… “People could receive a discount if they shopped dressed up like a witch.”

We decided to be a presence in our community to serve, love, and pray. We had great conversations, and we were able to pray for several people who needed prayer. People were grateful for the water or a cup of hot chocolate. One couple who lived in Tipp Ciity stopped and thanked us for being in the community. They were prayer walking and popped by. One of our connections was with a group of students from University of Dayton on a film shoot. I noticed one of our team praying for a student. At the end of the prayer they hugged.

Hurricane Relief.

It’s been interesting. We are finally able to help Naples / Fort Myers Florida. We gathered items to send for relief. We were all packed up and ready to go when the truck pulling the trailer suddenly lost the power steering unit. The delay fell just before the Thanksgiving holidays so we could not send the trailer.

The trailer arrived Monday! We are grateful for everyone who gave and served.

Seeking to do good is sometimes messy. However, it’s always worth the effort. Keeping the end in mind (families being cared for) helped us to push through obstacles and difficulties.

We are continuing to press ahead and are grateful and thankful for the opportunities we have to influence others for good.

If you are thinking about year end giving we’d be grateful! Thanks!
Steve and Pattie

Faith rests/trusts a love that is greater than we can ever imagine.

When we rest in Christ, we cast the full weight of our care and responsibility upon Him. We let Jesus bear it.

Faith rests in a salvation Christ has purchased for us and trusts His unfailing love.

Let our faith rest in a victory won… and trust Him to maintain the victory.

1 John TPT / JO Sanders Effective Faith

This is love: He loved us long before we loved Him. It was His love not ours.

We have come into (a process) an intimate experience with God’s love


we trust in the love He has for us.

Adam Vaughn:

Sometimes active faith is exercised when we find ourselves in difficult situations when we actively hang on, or wait, or stand firm. It is not the strength of our hand holding on to God that keeps us safe.
It is the strength of God’s hand holding on to us that keeps us safe and maintains our salvation.”

Faith is spelled trust: from Effective Faith by J.O. Sanders.
Faith is trust…We trust only those whom we know and love.

Faith enables the believing soul to treat the future as present, and the invisible as seen. There is no such thing as faith without trust. Trust may be defined as resting on the integrity or friendship of another. To trust someone is to have confidence in; to rely on them. Trust is effortless confidence based on the character of the one in whom trust is given. True faith always issues in full trust. In relation to God, it is the trust in his Love and his trustworthiness and power, it is a calm confidence in his moral character.

Hebrews 10:23 Phillips
In this confidence (trust) let us hold on to the hope that we profess without the slightest hesitation—for he is utterly dependable.Grasping this statement…we trust… in the love… He has for us… brings rest as we exercise our faith by trusting in His love He has for us.

Loving others…

In this relational context:

Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us.

Whoever loves God must also demonstrate love to others.

Let us love not only with words…But in deed and in truth.

              It is His love for us which inspires faith in Him.
Let your faith rest. Trust in the love He has for you.