Thanks for popping by! A few years ago Pattie and I re-fired and didn’t retire. We are amazed how we have been able to continue encourage people to reach out to their world. We are practitioners, not theorists. We practice outward-focused living daily. My book Go. Sow. Practical tips, stories, and helps toward outward focused living, is available on Amazon.com. Check out www.kindnesstogo.com.

 An outward-focused environment is created through thoughts, words, questions, actions, and attitudes. Outwardness is more often caught than taught. It’s in the experience of going and doing…we see differently. Often a connection point or an a-ha moment is created as we serve others, pray for someone, or express love through a small act of kindness. When we go and do, we begin to understand.


Our primary gift is the gift of encouragement. We love to encourage others.