2021-2022 Gratitude / Faithfulness

My theme for 2021… He is faithful.

This past year most of my prayer/worship times had a vital theme of being grateful for His Faithfulness. You are faithful and true… It’s who you are, who you are.

We are more than blessed! Have a great apartment, friends, and we continue to have the ability to invest in others. We want to stay involved as long as we can by serving, giving encouragement, and helping develop outreach.

This past year was slightly slower than other years; however, we did equip and encourage a lot of people toward kindness and outward-ness. We were also able to invest in others we know who are genuine world shakers.

2022 we will be giving thanks and praise and continue to develop an attitude of gratitude… for His Faithfulness.


We just returned from a wonderful time with our family in New Mexico. Albuquerque is a beautiful place. We enjoyed being with our grand-kids, my son Andrew, and his wife Vanessa. We went for walks and enjoyed a lot of local food. We had the opportunity to attend an evening of Christmas music with the Albuquerque Philharmonic. A very fun evening!


Natives Intentionally Targeted.

I woke up and sensed my assignment for the morning…to take $5 bills and give the money to a few unsheltered people… to listen, then pray.

I talked to a small group. Two older women and a man. He explained why he was in a wheelchair. He was with a group of men when a man intentionally crashed into him and killing two other Natives. This hate crime made the news. During his recovery, he made a few bad decisions. He is now in a wheelchair… and homeless.
Our talk drifted to life on the Rez, the high rate of Suicide among the teens and twenties, and the high Covid death rate. At the end of our conversation I asked the group if I could pray for them. They gathered and we joined hands. I invited Holy Spirit to come. I encouraged the group by letting them know they were not invisible. They were known and seen by a Father who loved them and gave His Son for them.

Kevin Hoffman.

Sadly one of my friends died this week. Kevin Hoffman is an amazing man. He was my co-partner for good at Dayton Vineyard Church for 14 years. He loved his role in Pastoral Ministry. He had a genuine love for people, missions, and equipping others. He was my friend, mentor, and coach. He left a considerable legacy… Streams of people are better because of his life. He launched Celebrate Recovery and raised up an Ohio CR Leader. He served The Vineyard, developed Missions, and most importantly, his family received his kind touch.

I wrote the below a while back during his Covid battle. It remains true.

“My friend, Kevin Hoffman’s life is founded upon a Chief Cornerstone. His name is Jesus. Upon this Stone, he has built his life, faith, and family. “He who believes upon this Stone will not be disappointed.” 1 Peter 2:6  His foundation is sure, steadfast, and unmovable. This Stone is the Rock which the entire weight his faith rests.” 

Our hope is sure and steadfast. Kevin is receiving his reward.

Go. Sow.

My book Go. Sow, Revised is available on Amazon. January 8. The paperback is the best version. It’s a book you can write notes and thoughts. Lot’s of space on pages.

Have a great New Year!

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