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Urban Church Update.

Urban Church in Warrington, England was flooded when an unexpected storm blew through their area. Their community was also flooded. Many people have now been temporarily relocated and are facing the daunting task of cleaning up their homes and rebuilding. Many lost everything.

Thanks to your generosity Eyesoutward sent $700 to help Urban Church rebuild after the unexpected flood.

Here is a report from Pastor Mike.
Our church building sits at the centre of the major flooding in Dallam and Bewsey. The initial panic of the Warrington flood gives way to the steady process of repairing, rebuilding, and recovery across our community. We’ve seen so many step in to feed, clothe and house people. Volunteers have stepped up to help clear flood damaged homes and collect new furniture and appliances for those hardest hit. And many have given financially into the crisis, for which we are all enormously grateful! I want to extend thanks to everyone who has risen to meet the need in these recent days.

If you want to reach your community establish a serving relationship with your area schools.
School Outreach Success 
We had an overwhelming response from our area schools.

Last month Grounds For Pleasure Coffee House gave gift cards to every staff person (320) in our school system. The gift card allows staff to receive a free coffee of their choice once a month for a year!  (The coffee house is part of the ministry of Upper Room, Tipp City.)
Here are just two notes of the many we received.

Yesterday we created Valentine items for our schools. Balloons, Kisses, Dark Chocolate and Roses. Today the displays are being delivered to the seven school locations for their staff rooms. (COVID friendly: We wore gloves as we prepped the items.)

Weekend Outreach

Saturday We will be taking vases of Roses to our local stores to bring encouragement and pray blessing prayer over their businesses.

We also will be taking snacks, Gatorade and helpful supplies to the Police Departments in our area. We purchased fast drying gel pens, 3X5 notebooks, individually wrapped breath mints and small packs of hand sanitizer.

Sunday, Valentines Day, will be our Kindness To Go Sunday. As people leave they pick up vases of roses to take as a gift to their friends, families, or to people in our community.

I love this time of year. Winter will soon be over… and Valentines Day is when we step into our outreach for the new year. We are very grateful for the Upper Room who empower us to continue to make a difference at our age. I just turned 69.

Thanks for your support and prayer.
Pattie receives her first round of vaccine today.

Steve & Pattie

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