Planning …intentional thinking outreach.

What would it look like if?

Every year in January I spend time thinking about the next year’s outreach.

I use a tool I call the Outreach Clock to help.

This is the one we are currently working on.

Kindness -to-go allows people to pick up items as they leave the building. They take the item and give it to a family member, someone they care about, or to people who serve them. They then can explain why they are encouraging them. Sometimes they can share the good news and pray for the person. Reaching our community also allows for positive connection points. Serving a school system is one of the best connection points within our community. See

The clock is mainly used for church-wide outreach. Everyone can participate at some level. I think about and jot down what we did the previous year.

What worked?

What nudged our people outward?

What touched our community?

What had traction?

What was fun?

How many seeds were sown?

I also think seasonal, and holidays. I also seek to be consistent by planning monthly outreach.

Planned outreach opportunities nurture organic outreach awareness.
Planned church-wide outreach equips people to go, love, and serve others.

Planned outreach creates space where people can practice loving, praying, communicating, and serving others.


Last year we received a lot of positive feedback from our Drive-Through Food Giveaway, Thanksgiving Dinners to the less served, and Christmas for Families within our school system.

Our people were energized, prayed for a lot of people, and sowed hundreds of positive connective seeds.
Everyone could play at some level.

You may also want to nurture groups like Young Adults, Teens, Men’s, Women’s.


“What does being on mission look like in your context?
“What could you create to reach our community?”
Where could you plug in to love and serve?”

Outward-focusedness is not a natural response of the human heart. The naturally focused heart left to itself very quickly turns inward.

Planning and intentionality creates space to help move our hearts upward and outward.

A friend of mine noticed her heart becoming cold and hard. She realized she had not served, nor cared for anyone in quite a while. She prayed asked for grace and mercy to fill her heart. She then became intentional. She purchased a large box of freezer bags. She purchased items, wash-clothes, socks, wet wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gloves, and small bars of soap. She placed the items in the bags and took a few of the filled bags with her as she went to work. She gave them away to people in need. She prayed for the people and listened to their stories. She noticed her heart-changing, becoming softer and filled with love and hope. She sent a picture similar to this one.

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