Thanks Dayton! Still moving!

We’ve been busy helping others.

So many people have been encouraged! At the current time, we have helped over two hundred eighty people by moving their furniture into their new homes.

Here’s how it works:

  • People sign up at the Community Action Partnership.
  • People receive a furniture voucher.
  • People go to St.Vincent’s to pick out their furniture.
  • On the day of delivery, we go to Living City Project and pick up Home-goods:Microwaves, cleaning supplies, blankets, pillows, toasters, ironing boards, and irons, plus other needed items.
  • We deliver the furniture and homegoods to their new location.
  • We encourage and pray for the family.

It’s been an interesting exercise. Moving is hard work. I’ve lost six pounds and don’t need the gym!

We’ve noticed when we pray the Holy Spirit shows up. People often cry,  and receive encouraging words.

When we ask for His peace to be released to fill the home it happens.

All are grateful for prayer and encouragement.


Their stories are heart-rending and amazing at the same time.

We helped C. He is a simple man. His brother, who has PTSD from his time in the Army, recently moved in. All they owned was destroyed or looted during the Tornado that hit Trotwood. He was very grateful for the items he picked out at St. Vincent’s. He and his brother are safe and are rebuilding their lives.

Two young moms from Trotwood found housing in a subpar apartment complex. The Town House next to theirs is a total burnout. Wrecked cars, trash, and moldy furniture are laying in the street.

They were grateful for their new couch and the house-hold items we brought.

Another young lady from Riverside did find a nice apartment. When we arrived she had nothing. All she had was a vacuum cleaner, some dishes and her clothes in bags. The roof on her apartment was ripped off and everything she had was lost. She was amazed she survived.

She had been sleeping on her floor in her furniture-less apartment for several days. We were able to deliver her mainly new furniture and household goods. She was very appreciative and very grateful.

Serving people in poverty at it’s the deepest level can harden a heart, or change a life.

Experiencing the realities of the lack of affordable housing is sometimes hard. It’s especially heart-rending when you see small children living where they are now living.

There are a lot of reasons people are in poverty. It goes way back in our history. It’s the history we often don’t want to think about or acknowledge. Discovering the truth can make the comfortable …uncomfortable.

Seeing and experiencing people being trapped, and now their lives being messed up, certainly brings a different perspective.

Several young men who have served with us have been changed. One parent told me their son no longer complains and now has a different attitude at home. Another young man told me he realized his issues were small compared to those he served.

There are over 150 families on the waiting list. Most are still in hotels or living with their families.

Salem Church of God recently purchased fifty tables and chairs from IKEA! They will be building the items on October 16th then delivering to St. Vincent’s. That’s fifty families helped!

Pray Living City Project receives large checks from businesses or foundations to help St. Vincent’s to purchase needed furniture.

Declare Dayton

On Sunday, September 29th, hundreds of believers from all over the Dayton area came to worship and give thanks as a community. It was a great night! We worshiped, danced in the rain, and prayed for several people for healing and for salvation. It was wonderful to experience! (The rain removed the heat and only lasted twenty minutes.)

Recently I’ve experienced worship at higher level. Several area church leaders allowed the Holy Spirit to moved during worship. They didn’t preach. They encouraged the people to press in. Jesus was lifted and honored. So good to experience this and know it’s happening in the Dayton area.

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