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I’m still working with Phillips Temple and Upper Room. Both churches are seeing an increase of the Holy Spirit’s presence in worship and in the messages. The Spirit and the Word have power!

Phillips people will be placing Saturate materials into their neighborhood in April just before Easter.

Our last outreach we went to a Laundromat. We could not help people fold clothes. When we walked in people immediately asked for prayer. The team prayed for forty-five minutes. Vivian stated, I’ve never seen anything like this! The people were so hungry for prayer.”

I am working with The Living City Project in Dayton for a city-wide cleanup April 6th.

We are developing host sites and encouraging the communities of Dayton to join in.  Dayton Inspires just released a video of the project. So far there have been fifteen thousand views.  Thirty-five churches, organizations, businesses and health suppliers are on board. We are expecting many more.

#KindnessNow Summit combines Kindness Outreach, the spiritual power of Acts of Kindness, with God Space, communicating God’s Kindness in Relationships.

Join the conversation with Steve Sjogren, Doug Pollock, and others. (see also and

Kindness Outreach our #kindnessnow 2.0 Summit will be in Cincinnati May 2nd – the 4th.

This week
Upper Room is hosting a team from Bethel Discipleship School, California. We’ve connected the team to several young evangelists and inner-city ministries who are passionate about changing our community. Saturday we will be heading out into Tipp City to love people in practical ways. Peeps, Daffs and Prayer. Stores will receive a vase and Daffs. Some people will receive a box of Peeps. What I love most about the Upper Room is their commitment to serve others and to freely give away what God has given to them.

Steve & Pattie

Prayer Points.

  • Our future: We are sensing a possible shift coming.
  • Pray for continued favor and open doors.
  • Pattie will be changing jobs. Pray she will have favor, an open door, and clear direction.
  • Patties mom is ninety-five. Pattie and I will be going to Birmingham this summer for a couple of weeks to be with her. We’ve postponed any distance travel this summer to be accessible.

Here is an informative book review of my book Go. Sow.

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