Emmanuel God with us

Emmanuel God is with us.  What an amazing truth! 

A few years ago I was very angry. I jumped into my car. I sat shouting out at the top of the voice.

 I felt betrayed,  belittled, and dishonored. 

I was in a season where pride, my ego, my heart was often wounded, and I wasn’t handling it well.

In the midst of my raging emotions, I heard a whisper, “Go into the big room and worship.”

I pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car and slowly walked into the big room. The big room is my resting place, the place I position myself to just be. A place where I pour my heart out in worship. A place where I sit in silence. A place of refuge where I have learned to enter rest.

 I sat down for a moment and quietly reflected. How did I get here? Why did I allow myself to be in this position? I realized I was here in this season because I allowed myself to be here. No one else was responsible. I was responsible. It was painful. I knew I had to shift my heart, my mindset and lean forward.

I often read Philippians chapter 2. As I sat in the dim light, I began to think about my situation. I thought about the humility of Jesus. He uttered no threat. When reviled, He humbled Himself; entrusted Himself to the Father’s care. 

Sitting alone in the dim light I saw, I more than saw the amazing humility of Jesus. Not that He went to the cross, but that He, as God, humbled Himself to let go of His God rights and become a man clothed in human flesh.

 I saw Him before creation, rejoicing before His Father. At creation I saw Him rejoicing, dancing, flinging stars, setting universes into motion. I saw, this Jesus, God, became man…Emmanuel. I was undone, humbled. 

My rant, my raging emotions, my wounds, my pride faded into insignificance

I picked up my guitar just began to play. A song of worship flowed out of my heart.

Amazing, so amazing, is your humility.
Amazing, so amazing, is your love for me
Amazing, so amazing, is your humility
You gave it all for me.
Amazing, so amazing, is your humility
Amazing, so amazing, is your love for me
You gave it all, for every eye to see.
Your humility Jesus amazes me.

Amazing, Amazing,  is your love for me.
Amazing,  Amazing, is your humility.

I was again undone. Humbled. My emotions had shifted. I worshiped

I walked out of the room forever changed. Yes, my ego, my pride still rises up. My feelings still bounce when I’m humbled, yet, I’m different. I now remember my encounter with the Humble One. Remembering brings me back to a heart of worship.

Christmas is all about God become flesh, Emmanuel  God is with us. 

Such humility amazes me.

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