Right Time, Right Place, for Right People.

Today my wife and I encountered three women at the Vineyard. We had just finished lunch and were headed to the Big Room to worship. The ladies “just happened to show up” as we were walking toward the door. We were able to spent time with the ladies explaining the good news and how Jesus could set them free from some issues they were having. We  prayed with the women.

It was interesting to see their responses as they encountered presence and power of the Holy Spirit as He came upon them. Two decided to give their hearts to Jesus and to follow Him. All were elated and so grateful we stopped, welcomed and prayed for them. They knew we all were at the right place, at the right time, for the right reason. Amazing!

Weekend Training
I had a great time with Champion City Vineyard this past weekend. I was able to encourage their outwardness using some simple tools. 

The process: I broke the group up into four teams. Each group chose fun descriptive items from a display area, a box of markers and three giant Post It’s. They had to incorporate the items as they developed their plan. 

They were given 30 minutes to work; at the end of the time allotted each team presented their ideas and plans.

They were given this scenario: You are part of an outreach development team…

1. Your team has been given the task to create a comprehensive plan to equip and to deploy people to reach out to your community.

2. If you could develop an ideal missional person… what would they look like? 

The groups did a great job of developing and expressing their ideas. 

After the break we spoke about creating space where God things happen. The teams then went to lunch and reached out to their community.

I encouraged the leaders to save the work and to actively use the group work to help move the church toward outwardness.

If you are interested in hosting a day, or evening training in your area let me know by going to ssbowen.wix.com/eyesoutward.

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