Simplify Christmas

I’m really encouraged about Simplify Christmas. Here are some details about what we are doing. If you are part of our Vineyard family I’d encourage you to join us as we make a huge difference in our community and beyond.

How often do we think our ability to give to others is connected to our riches? We’re afraid to give because we don’t think we have enough, and we believe generosity is for those who have more than we do. The cool thing is that we’re not generous because we are rich, but rather, we are rich because we are generous. This Christmas season, we’re issuing a challenge. Instead of us focusing on accumulating more “stuff”, we’re going to readjust, refocus, and realign ourselves with the heart of Jesus. We want to intentionally set aside our time and money, and SIMPLIFY what we are doing for us so we can leave a greater impact for His kingdom both near and far. 

This year at The Vineyard, we are helping bring the Kingdom of Heaven in a real way touching two groups of children. Some near and some far with YOUR HELP.


Over the last 25 years we have focused on reaching the urban area of Dayton with a Christmas party that has touched thousands of families. This year, 2014, we are continuing our focus on the children who are most at risk in our local school systems. Every family that is in need is known by the school counselors and principals. These families are given a pass by the principals and counselors to come and shop at our Simplify Christmas Store, December 17 – 20, 2014. 

With your help we’ll make sure that hundreds of kids in need receive presents this Christmas. Please begin now to purchase toys the families in need, ages Baby to 12 years male and female and sign up to serve at our store.

Things to expect:
Families, Families, Families. Hundreds of tickets have been given to school counselors, and principals. They will select the children who are most in need. Their moms and dads are coming to our store. They may also bring their kids.

People show up early. So plan accordingly, late lunch, early dinner, please be here before 6pm during the week and 9:30am on Saturday.

Snacks, hot coffee, and hot chocolate are for our guests. Please eat before you come. We will have coffee, hot chocolate and some snack food in the our secure room.

Ministry Partners room. Studio L will be our check-in / secure room for the evening. You can leave your coats, purses, etc. there and pick up a name tag. 

Here are the roles for the sessions:
Volunteer Hospitality
Check-in our ministry partners and maintain a relaxing atmosphere so they can take a break and enjoy some food, drinks and fellowship.

Warmly greet people who are arriving to the Family Life Center entrance and direct families to the store, food area, and Kidz Zone.

Guest Check-in
Welcome every family to the store while completing a simple check in process prior to connecting them with a guest guide. You will have a pack of post-its and will write either girl  or boy and their ages. This will help the guest guides go to the right gender and age gift table. Also, please ask the parents where they received their store passes, then write the location on the ticket as you take it from the parents. Keep the tickets until the end of the session.

Guest Guide
Accompany the families through the store, helping them find and carry exactly what they’re looking for, and having meaningful conversations along the way. Guide parents to the wrap up area. Pray for the family.

Arts & Crafts in the Kidz Zone
Engage the children with arts and crafts and provide a safe place for them to play while their parents shop for their Christmas gifts. 

Gift Wrap 
Wrap gifts, if there are enough wrappers, or place gifts in large bag. 

To sign up go to

                                   THE FAR

We are partnering with Naomi’s Heart Mission, a group of missionaries working in the Philippines, to assist them in serving the 5000 children they help every week. Only $25.00 will feed 300 children a rice porridge called lugaw.  They supply this twice daily at their Academy and also out in the community through the Community Service Ministry. Imagine if we all came together, what we could do to change the trajectory of a life.

Your monetary gift of any value is more than gratefully received. 

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