Healing Outbreak WOW!

This past weekend we had an amazing time praying and waiting; receiving from the Holy Spirit before we headed out to serve. He presented Himself with us. 

Before I go on with the post I want to be sure that Jesus is lifted up, glorified and honored. He is the one who redeems, empowers, saves, gives us wonderful grace gifts to encourage others and He alone is the healer. He is wonderful in all He is and awesome in what He does.

When we arrived at our usual location in Fairborn we set up and began to serve the people. Person after person received healing for various issues. Some received prophetic insight and encouragement.

One lady had just fractured her wrist in two places and was wearing a protective cast. When we asked what her pain level was, she told us it was over ten, we prayed and commanded bones to heal, trauma to go. We then asked her to move her arm. She was stunned, dumbfounded and couldn’t talk, she had no pain. We told her Jesus had touched her and He loved her. 

Another man came up using a cane, his pain level in his back was a seven we commanded pain to go, and for healing to flow. His pain level then reduced to a two. We told him before he finished picking up his groceries his pain would be gone. When his assigned helper walked him back to his car the man told the helper all pain was removed from his back and he had no more pain. Again, he was told that Jesus was the healer and loved him.

My friend Gene prayed for a lot of people with great success. At one point I saw him ask three ladies to hold hands, each had back pain at varying levels. He commanded pain to go and healing to flow, all three received measures of healing!

Later, he felt there would be someone there who would be healed through testimony. He met a young mom. He said and asked, “I see you have faith. where did your faith come from?” 

She told him her story. She had HIV, was pregnant and was concerned for her child. So she went to a church and a pastor prayed for her. She mentioned when the pastor was praying for her she felt HIV literally move and lift out of her body. 

She then returned for her scheduled blood tests. When they tested her the doctors told her they needed to do the test again because something was wrong. When the second set of tests returned there as no sign of any HIV in her blood. 

They were concerned about her baby. When the child was born no sign of HIV. 

Gene then asked her how her lower back and leg felt. She had mentioned she was in pain and limping before Gene met her. Her personal spoken testimony set her free! Awesome!

Many more people were encouraged prophetically and received measures of healing.

I was really encouraged as I headed home. I went into Dollar General to pick up some items and noticed a young girl with a wrist protector. So, I waited until she checked out walked by. I asked her what had happened to her wrist. She said she just had surgery on a cyst and was in extreme pain. I asked for permission to hold her wrist and asked if I could pray for her. 

She kindly said, “Thank you.” So I held her arm and commanded pain to go and healing to flow. 

After prayer I asked. “What’s your pain level now?” She said, “Down to a five.” 

I asked if she wanted to see it go to zero and asked if I could pray again. She agreed. I held her arm and prayed. This time the Holy Spirit gently fell upon her. I stated, “This is good isn’t it?” She grinned and said, “Yes it is.” I told her. “This is Jesus who is healing your wrist and who is with us.” We had a good conversation. I found out she goes to Alter High School and is on the basketball team.

Here is a clip of a lady who was healed. I encouraged her to ask the Holy Spirit to come whenever she and her band of singers preform.

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