Who told you?

Photo: Praying with power serving about 300 people

Had a great time on Saturday. We served over three hundred people with needed food, encouragement and prayer. The outreach is aways a great place to experiment, stretch out and to lean into listening to God’s voice. 

A young man rode up on his bicycle. As soon as he stopped I stated, “You are a creative aren’t you?” His response, “Who told you?” 

I mentioned that Jesus sometimes speaks to me. I then asked how he created, and what he created. He told me he was a fashion designer and loved to create interesting clothing with amazing stitching and had just presented a show at a local high school. 

I then stated. “There is another area you create isn’t there?” He then told me he painted and that was how he made a living, art and he painting houses. 

As a result of the two statement, a door was open for a great conversation. During our talk he told me two close relatives had recently passed away. Both were anchors for his life; both died within a week of each other. He told that he missed them because he loved them, and they helped keep him on track. 

He paused, then asked, “Will you pray for me?” So we prayed. I received some insight into his life and how he was created emotionally and encouraged him with the insight I received. He was most grateful and pointed to where he lived across the street. I’m sure I’ll see him again.

I’m always amazed how people respond to a listening ear, kindness and love in action. 

My friend Stephen Bell has a goal to “stop for the one” once a day to help him to keep his love on by encouraging, offering prayer, listening and healing. It’s a good practice, and practice is the means that helps us reach our world. 

Not everyone does what Stephen and I do, but as he stated this weekend, “Every person in this room can love someone in some way.”

Photo: "Love is the highest peak in this expedition." Stephen Bell

                                     Here’s Stephen speaking at the Vineyard.

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