Why we do back to school Backpacks.

Kindness to go backpacks. Why? Families in need often can’t help their children. Sometimes they are making a choice between purchasing food or school supplies. Your decision to care helps the less served children of our community.
Usually we begin to ramp up for school in July. I know that sounds early however, parents begin to shop for supplies early August. Our special Back to School Bash begins by the fourth weekend in July in order to ensure their return to the Vineyard in good time to deliver to the schools.
Here’s how it works.

I purchase the back packs for $6 each… then sell them to the Vineyard people for $5.* ($5 is just enough to remind people they have a pack to fill up) I usually purchase 200 backpacks. That’s about our limit. Interestingly the packs usually sell out in just two weekends.

People then return the backpacks to the Vineyard we place them in a visible area in the building which generates buzz and a sense of accomplishment. Stacking up 200 backpacks makes a huge stack.
Here is the information flyer I use to help connect the dots. 

Back to school backpacks …
Under privileged children of Kettering, Fairborn, and Dayton are not able to purchase their school supplies. Therefore, each year we partner with teachers to make a small, yet significant investment to help further a child’s education. 

Why$5? Five dollars is really your commitment that says, ‘Yes I want to help.’ 

How? It’s simple.
Take the list on this instruction sheet to any store that sells school supplies like Wall Mart, Target, or STAPLES. Purchase the items then fill the back pack and bring it back to the Vineyard.
Tip: if you have children let them shop with you. As you are shopping talk about the project, why you are shopping for someone else and where the packs are going. 

Tip: people often place some other exciting items in the backpack, key chains, to teddy bears. Be creative, be generous and put some fun in the project.

Supplies list:
3 3”X 3” postits
1 inch 3 ring binder
2 packs of wide ruled lined paper
2 Elmers glue stick
1 box of No.2 pencils
1 box of 2 erasers
1 box of colored pencils 12
1 box of Crayola Markers
1 Fiskar’s scissors
1 plastic folder 2 pockets blue
1 8 by 10 composition book
1 box of Crayola crayons 24 count
1 5 section divider
5 pronged 2 pockets folders
1 4oz school glue
1 dry erase markers low odor
2 pencil holders, zippers with grommets

If you can’t afford to do this on your own. Why not gather some friends and team up to make a difference in a kids life. 

If you missed getting a backpack and want to help, just purchase supplies on the list and bring to the Vineyard. We’ll make sure your items reach a child.

Kids need shoes and socks, if able please purchase elementary aged shoe and socks.

Here’s why…

Ever attempt to run and play in flip-flops?

I went to the school to take pictures for an outreach. During the recess period, I was snapping pictures in the playground a kid runs up to me and asks, “Hey mister, will you tie my shoes?” I replied, “Sure.” As I bent down to tie the smiling kids shoes I noticed, new shoes, no socks.(He was wearing flip-flops, now had shoes. The school counselors watch out for kids who come to school in flip-flops. The flip-flops are an indicator of a child in need. Obviously they ran out of socks.) I asked, “Hey did you get your new shoes from the school?” Grinning from ear to ear, he replied excitedly, “Yep!” I finished tying his shoes, He said, “Thanks mister!” and ran off to play. In that moment I felt the Son shine in my heart.
You know, small touches aren’t often long term need meeting events, but for that kid, and for that family it was a small thing, done with great love.

Who knows it may have even changed his world.
Ever attempted to run and play in flip-flops?

Thanks for making a difference!

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