Purple People. It’s easy to miss what you are not looking for.

It’s easy to miss what you are not looking for.

Awareness test
 My habit is to go to the Big Room (our main worship area at the Vineyard) grab my beat up guitar, plug in and worship. It’s always interesting. Mainly I pray worship, and honor Jesus. It worked for David he wrote many Psalms. Prayer set into the context of his life expressed through music and song.

Yesterday, as I worshiped pre-outreach, I had an impression to pray for the people wearing purple. We usually have over 300 people show up and it is very hard to pray for every person. I mentioned the impression of purple people to the team. So, we looked for people who were wearing something purple. Sometimes the purple people shouted PURPLE by the things they were wearing, other people just had a flash, a hat, a scarf, a piece of jewelry, shoes etc.

People were more than open when I mentioned, “I was praying today and I had an impression to pray for people who were wearing purple. You are wearing purple. Can I pray for you? Some would laugh, get serious, but mainly welcomed prayer. One lady I noticed was wearing worn out purple fingernail polish. I mentioned, that I’d seen her nails that morning. As I prayed I sensed the Holy Spirit touching her heart. She was as worn out as the polish. The prayer meant something to her. The simple notice was like she was singled out, noticed, loved and cared for by Jesus. 

Almost every person we prayed for received something significant.

One lady was wearing a small flash of purple, I noticed. A double take. I noticed and noticed again. When this happens it’s usually a Holy Spirit prompt. I walked her to her car carrying her groceries. I mentioned our purple people mission and asked if I could pray. She said, yes. As I was praying several impressions filled my heart. I prayed general to specific. The specific, I mentioned that a lot of people were projecting issues which were not her issues, upon her. That she felt weighed down. I asked Jesus to remove the issues and imparted His peace. I encouraged her to not receive any issue people projected upon her. They were not her issues. Their issues, were their issues. At the end of the prayer she paused and stated, “That was a prophecy wasn’t it?” I replied, ‘Yup.” 

It is so easy to miss something you are not looking for. 

‘Pray for purple people’, was an impression that encouraged us to have eyes to see. Yes, other people were prayed for out of the 300 that weren’t purple people, and all who came to the outreach were encouraged by the groceries and the positive environment we created

Many people live in an unaware state. Living life in an aware state is an adventure. Who knows you might even encourage some purple people.

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