Easter Egg Hunt!

Seems hard to believe we’ve had 8 years or so throwing a community Giant Easter Egg Hunt in Kettering OH. Each year we are amazed that so many people from the Vineyard sign up to serve and we are always surprised by how many families from the community show up.

This year we had a blast. Two huge fields, free face painting, kidz zone, free hot dogs, prizes clowns and characters. 

One Grand-mom was sitting next to our free food line and asked me, ‘Who are you people? I’ve been sitting here for the last half an hour. I’ve seen the people serving, smiling, laughing. All have good attitudes. They don’t complain even when they are asked to do difficult tasks like picking up half eaten hotdogs and paper. The atmosphere is wonderful. Are you the Kettering City Parks people? My answer, ‘No we are the Dayton Vineyard a church in you area that loves to serve the community.’ It was interesting to see her smile and continue to comment more positively. 

Serving our community is part of what we do to love our city into a relationship with Jesus. 

Good deeds, creates good will, that opens hearts, to the good news.
 Rusaw and Swanson The Externally Focused Church.


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