Consistency in Action.

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Our local news station showed up this week when we were serving 264 families in need. We go out 3 times every month to different locations dotted around the community. The Dayton Vineyard partner’s with the Food Bank, The Hope Foundation and others who serve the less served of our community. The Vineyard provides a warehouse to store the food, to sort the food, bags to pack the food, a truck to pick up the food and to deliver the food to the people. We provide volunteers who help us pack and load the food on the truck. Also a group of people from the Vineyard go to the distribution points dotted around the city three times a month.

We attempt to treat every person we meet with respect and seek to serve their needs by carrying the food items to their home or their car. We also offer a listening ear, encouragement and prayer.

The Joseph Project Food Pantry is our onsite food pantry that is open 5 days a week Monday – Friday 10am to 2pm. Our Community of Hope team are scheduled each day to care for the people who come to receive help.

Each month we serve over 1500 people in need throughout the area.

It’s a pretty good church serving our community with God’s love in a practical way.

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