Creating God Space Home Study

Doug Pollock’s book God Space is a great read. I’ve been developing some thoughts on the subject for a few years. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing explaining the best practices of outreach.

If you’d like to develop your outward focused skills I’d invite you to pop in. Read, and practice.

Creating God Space Where God Things Can Happen.

What is God space?

God space is a tangible space that can created by faith. God space is an atmosphere, or an environment, where God’s presence, goodness, kindness, knowledge, and power
 are present to nurture faith in another human being.

 Opening the idea, I like to call the points Clues. Clues are hints, or helps to guide a person along the way. Creating God Space is a discovery, or a process, that can be developed and created with practice. Each Clue is given to help you explore, discover a fresh facet of faith.

Assumptions. I assume we all have a world view. How we gain our world view has to do with our upbringing, culture, influences, education, environment, and experiences.

I was raised in a Doctors home. I always had more than enough. My wife on the other hand was raised by a caring and loving mother but was raised in poverty. Our world views are different. I see life though a different lens. Different doesn’t necessary mean wrong. My world view ‘just is’, yet changes as I gain knowledge and experience.

I also lived in Scotland for most of my adult work life. Therefore, my world view is probably much different than someone who has only lived in the USA. I’ve also had the privilege to travel to Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Canada, Mexico, England and Ireland. My travel experiences have broadened my world view.

All of us view life through our own lens.

Years ago someone developed this picture below.
What do you see?
Do you see an old woman or young lady?

Usually people see one or the other.  A. The young lady is wearing a hat with a feather, she has a small nose and a sharp cheek line.  B. The old lady is also wearing a hat but also has a long nose which is the young ladies cheek line.

 Have you ever seen the arrow in FedEx logo? Many have seen the Logo, but have never seen the arrow. Now that you see the arrow, you see differently.  Our world view with new information, in the same way, changes.
So how do you view your world? Do you see life differently? Do you see what others do not?