Community FunFest Block Party Satuday June 25th 2011

Community FunFest Block Party

This weekend we will be going to Glennburn Green Apartments. We’ll be joining together with Crossroads Vineyard to throw a party for the people we serve. Hotdogs, hamburgers, carnival games, face painting, crafts, prizes, bouncy castle and snow cones all for Free! 

Flyers went out today to the people we serve during our Food for Huber Outreach. This is our 8th year for this event at Glennburn Green Apartments. We have great relationship with the apartment staff and they are very helpful.

Timing is Everything
What’s a bubble principle?…often I have a check in my spirit, or an idea that springs to mind, or a new ministry opportunity that comes to my attention. I’ve learned over the years to let things bubble, peculate for a while until there is some clarity… this year we shifted the date to this coming weekend.

(side note when planning an outreach always go to the location of the outreach to scope out the land, the layout, where to park etc. one time I booked a car wash at a location and didn’t bother to go and see the site, when the team arrived a bulldozer had bulldozed the site…lesson learned.) We then went to the apartment complex and met the manager… as usual they were aok and on board for the FunFest…and handed out the 200 flyer’s we made to the residents.

 Tuesday of next week, we’ll be…gathering supplies, cleaning all games, purchasing hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, booking the bouncy castle, ordering groceries from Sam’s, and generally staging the materials for this coming Saturday…

It takes about 10 to 15 hours behind the scenes to pull off this event…

We recruit during the services for about 3 weeks out…  we will have people from Crossroads…plus people from our Vineyard. It takes min 65 people to make the FunFest successful….(We don’t want too many people from our side that make the balance more us than the number of people we serve… it feels strange to the people who attend.)

Here is a link to the photos we took from a FunFest…

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