BBQ Dayton Style

The BBQ started a few years ago when a few guys asked themselves the question? Why can’t we serve the best to the least? Thus began A Pretty Good BBQ.

Each May hundreds of people show up to eat some pretty good BBQ, hang out, visit, and be part of our inner-city community. We usually have a bunch of great guys and gals helping and serving up the meal. This Sat. at Beavercreek the guys will get together to cook some BBQ, staying all night smokin pork, and making sure the BBQ is cooked just right.

Sunday we’ll take all the BBQ downtown to the Dayton Campus and serve up BBQ, Chips, Pop and Oreo cookies to the people gathered. OinkADoodleMoo is in part donating 200lbs of pork, and their great smokey sauce.

As always we need an army of servers to make sure things run smoothly and everyone has a great time. If you’d like to serve, meet at Dayton Campus 10:30am for set up, or about 12pm for wrapping sandwiches and getting the place set for the crowds that show up at 1pm. We’re making enough for 500 people.

email for more info.

Here are some pics from past Pretty Good BBQ’s

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