Giant Easter Egg Hunt!

sara shultz invitation design

What do you get when you mix 15,000 Easter Eggs, over 100 volunteers, clowns, huge blow up bouncy castles, hundreds of hotdogs, drinks, face painting, game zone, helium balloons and many, many kidz and parents?…A Giant Community Easter Egg Hunt that’s what!…happening Saturday, April 23rd at Delco Park 11am…

This event began 8 years ago when I first arrived in Dayton…we booked a smaller park, Indian Riffle, and were overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up, so we moved to Delco Park…even bigger crowds…a few years ago Easter was early, March…windy, rainy all the way up to the day of the event…I thought about canceling the hunt the night before. I went to sleep. During the night I had a vivid dream where I saw cars lining up. In part of the dream I yelled to Scott, as he was running to the cars to tell people we cancelled, ‘Don’t Cancel!’ I woke up. We didn’t cancel the hunt and had a good time…

Below our track record:

  • Year 1-2 beautiful warm weather
  • Year 3 a swamp
  • Year 4 snow on the field, we developed a new workout exercise, snow kick. most of us couldn’t walk the next day. we had to shuffle to kick the snow off the area, just to see the eggs.
  • Year 5 ice storm and the Easter Egg Drive through
  • Year 6 rainy but it cleared up for the day until the last
  • Year 7 windy, no, really windy, kids flying in the air blowing into the lake, tents flying through the air

  • Year 8 gonna be a great day!

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