Kiss Dayton! You’ve just been Kissed.

special connect card goes into each pack
tables are located at all exits, red table cloths and fun balloons create a fun vibe.
The two weekends just before Valentines day. Our teens and children’s areas pack thousands of Hershie Kisses into small zip lock bags with our special ‘you’ve just been kissed’ connect card. People grab several of the bags as they leave the weekend services and go about kissing the people Dayton during the week.
packed by our VKidz spreading the value of kindness
 Instruction sheet helps people know what to do

I went to the gym a couple of years ago and asked the receptionist, ‘Have you been kissed today?’ ‘What? No.’, I then handed her a pack of kisses and said, ‘Well, you’ve just been kissed?’ she laughed and then commented, ‘You’re from the Vineyard, right? I said, ‘Yep, we’re that kissing church down the street.

2nd Saturday of Kindness, February 12th, 10am.

Combined with Kiss Dayton we always go out into the community on the Saturday before Valentines Day to encourage people who work in our community. We usually go to strip malls or town centers where the shops are close together. We purchase carnations and take, our You’ve just been kissed! packs. 

We go to the shops and ask for the manager, of if it is a small shop we just talk to whoever is at the check out register.

We ask. ‘How many people are working today?’ and count out flowers for each person. We then give the carnations along with the packs of kisses and say, ‘You’ve just been kissed today, have a great Valentines day.’ 

The responses are amazing. Some women really reveal their hearts by stating, ‘My guy never gives me flowers.’ or ‘Wow! This is so nice!’ etc. Most ask, ‘Who are you guys?’ 

I love going to Spa’s or high end hair saloons. The ladies are always appreciative and surprised.

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