MLK Jr. Update…

Filled truck pulls into spot to unload… while unloading, guy with security suit states, “You gotta move we are a working loading dock.” I reply, “We are moving in a moment.” So, hurriedly we take huge box filled with pre-loaded cups, 2 wagons full of 2 1/2 gal dispensers of hot water and coffee, three 6 foot tables, etc to the location. Location is Courthouse Square Dayton OH.

We hurriedly set up tables. Place coffee water dispensers on tables and gather the pre loaded 12 oz cups.

The marching people arrive…early. Now it is organized chaos! We fill cups, put in stir stick and smile, repeat 600 times. In 35 minutes we are finished, people smiling, thanking, encouraging and generally appreciative of the small cup of coffee, or hot chocolate given with great love.

We had a blast and over 600 people were touched with God’s love, no strings attached. Being there helps create a ‘we care’ vibe.

Here is a note from a grateful mom.


Hi Steve
Thanks for what you do to reach out to the city. This year your “touches of hot chocolate kindness” touched my son, Sam and his girlfriend Gloria. And some where deep down I think he really was touched. I don’t think Gloria had experienced anything quite like this from a church; she was grateful, almost moved by it. Thank you!

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