Teachers Rule!

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We had a great time showing our appreciation to 115 teachers from Fairborn Elementary School. Fairborn Elementary has 1700 kids. 68% are below the poverty line. The teachers and the principals are amazingly upbeat and fun.

I haven’t been to a more moving and appreciative time… almost ever.

Our Vineyard Ladies really out did themselves prepping, setting up, and presenting a huge thank you to the teachers. The teachers were blown away by the care and the quality of their presentation. The comments were off the chart.

Thank yous, hugs, smiles abounded. We were all deeply touched emotionally.

Here’s the deal.
Teachers in general are one of the most under paid, under appreciated, hardest working people groups in our communities. Most pay for their own supplies, and work many hours on the job and at home. They receive little thanks. Also, they have to file paper work that would fill a wheel barrel… weekly. How do I know this? I know one of those band of people we call teachers.

You are kidding?: We repeatedly heard. You guys are amazing. Thanks so much!
“No one has ever done this for us before.”

The comment, ‘No one has ever done this for us before’, was both good and bad.

Good, because we were appreciated. Bad because, no one had ever done this before.

Why Not? Good question?

The Truth: The “Church” at large has not cared what happens to the kids and educators in our communities.

We’re mad that prayer is no longer welcome in schools. Text books promote humanism, evolution, etc. So instead of being Salt and Light, in reaction, we’ve formed our own safe zones, our own clubs, our own schools, exercise rooms, bowling alleys, stores where we sell Jesus junk, etc..

We, in the process of staying safe and principled, have become an inward focused people(this really means, it’s all about us, no, it really means… it’s all about me).

They, the educators and the kids in our schools and some people groups in our community, have somehow become our enemies. We’ve circled our wagons and have basically said by our words, and our exclusive actions, ‘We right. You wrong.’

It’s interesting to me that schools might not be able to have prayer according to government policies, but they do welcome serving people. They more than willingly accept assistance from caring, kind and loving people. I wonder where thousands of caring, kind and loving people exist? (or should exist) Any ideas?

Bottom line. Serving our way into the heart of our community with no strings attached makes a difference. As Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson have stated in The Eternally Focused Church, ‘Good deeds, creates good will, that opens hearts to the Good News.’

Today the principal honored us as she spoke and introduced us. She gave us the highest complement.

‘The Vineyard is not even in our school district but they care. They are our partners. They’ve cleaned, painted, brought back packs and over 150 pairs of shoes for our kids. Today they are here simply because they value and appreciate what you do.’  

115 teachers cheered and applauded.

Why do we do what we do? Because Jesus cares about educators and loves kids who study and grow up in our schools. We want to be there making a difference. We are convinced that small things done with great love can and will change our world.

It was a good day, but the statement, ‘No one has ever done this for us before’ still feels like a lump of lard in my gut.”

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