This past weekend we went to serve at one of our 4 monthly stops with our mobile food pantry. Our mission team going to Honduras came along as well a few newbies. It was a great day. Huge team, great weather and grateful people receiving needed supplies and prayer.

Into the deep end.
Two newbies to the team were testing the water. They were thrown into the deep end.

As instructed they helped receive the groceries, then carry the groceries to the car or home, and offer prayer. The prayer is simply that… an offer that can be refused, or received. Most receive.

Two people this week asked to have prayer for their soul. They needed Jesus and knew it.
I want to know God‘, kinda request. One newbie who had never prayed out loud for someone else stepped up, and prayed with her person to receive Jesus. She simply ‘Prayed like she would have like to have been prayed for.’

Another team also was able to pray for a desperate person who needed and wanted to know Jesus. It was a pretty exciting time for the whole team. Several told stories of praying for people for healing, or encouragement. When I asked for show of hands… ‘How many received more encouragement than you gave?’, all hands were raised.

Creating God Space, Where God Things Can Happen.
It was a good day and we are finding that consistently going, sharing and caring opens hearts to the good news.

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