Ever tried to run in flip flops?

Interestingly weekend, busy with speaking about sowing and reaping in faith. How Faith Grows? A basic solid message attempted to stir faith among the people.
We received a gift of $400 for shoes for Fairborn Elementary School and another great couple added $300 to the gift. This enabled us to purchase 70 pairs of various sized shoes for the kids. My friend Cindy went on a shopping spree. She had a blast purchasing the shoes she thought her kids would like.
Fairborn Elementary is one of the lowest income schools in our area.
The principals are a good kind of crazy, and really attempt to maintain an upbeat, creative fun environment for the kids and the teachers. They have a clothing shop at the school for the kids. When they see kids walking around in flip-flops, they know the kid probably needs a pair. Discreetly, they take the kids to the shop and they are able to pick out their own pair of shoes.
 Getting It!…Almost
One friend who is just beginning to serve his community, made a passing comment, “Hey what we are doing is far more than just giving people food, clothing or bottles of water, we are meeting the real long term needs.” Implication, “You guys are not really doing the stuff.” When I hear comments like this I often smile and think, “Glad you are getting it… almost.”
Such thinking really is so narrow… It takes all kinds of service to meet the demanding needs of our communities. Small things, to large things, short term, to long term.
Mobile Food Pantry feeds about 1500 people a month.
We supply about 1500 people a month with needed groceries… and by the way they receive much more than just groceries. We endeavor to ensure our touches and prayers are personal and caring. People often weep, exclaim with gratitude, “Thank you!” One lady this week came back to receive this months groceries with a huge smile on her face. You see, last month we heard it was her birthday, so after she received her groceries we gave her a huge birthday cake, and the crowd joined in as we sang Happy Birthday to you. Making it personal and making a difference. I think so.
Another dad brings his three beautiful daughters to our mobile food pantry. We noticed, they are there because he can’t read or write. Noticing, in a nonchalant way, we now give the paper work to the kids. The dad has the biggest warmest smile you’ll ever see and is grateful for the supplies he receives.
Yep, we know what we do is just a touch, but we do know it takes many touches of kindness to open the heart to the good news.
Mother Teresa was once confronted by a skeptic, “Isn’t what you are doing just a drop in the ocean.” She replied, “Yes, but many drops fill the ocean.”

Ever attempted to run and play in flip-flops?
I went to the school to take pictures for this coming weekends Big Spring Clean! Last week, as I was snapping pictures in the playground during the recess period, a kid runs up to me and asks, “Hey mister, will you tie my shoes?” I replied, “Sure.” As I bent down to tie the smiling kids shoes I noticed, new shoes, no socks.(was wearing flip-flops now had shoes) I asked, “Hey did you get your new shoes from the school?” Grinning from ear to ear, he replied excitedly, “yep!” I finished tying is shoes, He said, “Thanks mister!,” and ran off to play. In that moment I felt the Son shine in my heart.
You know, small touches aren’t often long term need meeting events, but for that kid, and for that family it was a small thing, done with great love.

Who knows it may have even changed his world.
Ever attempted to run and play in flip-flops?

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  • I am so proud to be a part of the Dayton Vineyard church. It's stories like your blog that brought me here and stories we continue to make that keep me here. I love the heart of giving and loving people that is shown so effortlessly by our congregation. Steve, you rock and so do all of the Vineyard folks. Keep up the good work.

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