Easter Recap

Whew! busy weekend… 
Hundreds of people showed up to our egg hunt… no cold weather, but we did have wind that began to blow after the set up… lost two tents, kids flying through the air, pop corn in a wind storm, flying hot dogs and donuts, etc… I had been praying for the Lord to blow the rain through for a couple of months… I probably should have stated, gently please… anyhow it was a great day. Many Vineyard people serving helped make the event a great success.
Families with kids, children having fun… One kid exclaimed, “This is my best day, ever!” Kids live in the moment. She probably stated her reality. Interesting that the Kingdom is for such people. Those who take the best out of every moment. I think I need to start living in the moment. I might then have some, ‘this is the best day ever’, days as well.
Our Bring your Peeps weekend was really good. I’ve very glad that people chose to visit at Easter. The message was great as was the worship. Energy, Life, Love… over all a great Easter.

pics by R Joel Hinton

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