The Joseph Project

Every day we all have an opportunity to step into Joseph’s shoes 
and be a person who helps others in their times of distress. 
Every person, at some level, has the ability to step forward
to share some of what they have, with those who have not.

We have the site up and running  and will be adjusting as we go. Here’s the first page and the link. (PDF Flyer)
Welcome to The Joseph Project!
Lori Beth Jones once said, ‘Those who dream what could be, will create what could be.’  
The Joseph Project began with a question. 

‘What would it look like if neighbors really began to help neighbors in practical ways?’

From that one question we began to dream. The dream is emerging.

So far The Joseph Project now has:
  •  a Joseph Project board where people who have list what they have, and people in need list what they need. They contact each other and neighbors help neighbors. 
  • a hot breakfast each week on Main St. for 150 homeless and the less served of Dayton.
  • a new food pantry located in Beavercreek, serving groceries to the unemployed 5 days a week.
  • a computer lab, where life skills, computer basics, resume writing, and a partnership with Montgomery County Job Services allow us to connect people in need with food stamps, health care, and other available services.
  • a partnership with The Hope Foundation, serving hundreds of people desperately needed groceries in Fairborn, Huber Heights, Jamestown, Cedarville, Dayton each month.
  • Super Saturday Free Flea Market where hundreds of people in need are supplied with needed articles of clothing, furniture, knick nacks, electronics, books, and children’s strollers, baths, cribs, etc.
Now we are asking the question, ‘What would it look like if every church within their community embraced The Joseph Project?’ 

To make it more personal we ask, ‘What impact could your church make? 

Why not begin to dream and join the adventure.

This August we invite you to join us as ‘we together’, impact our community.

What is the Joseph Project? Full

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