Winter In Ohio Food Run

Each week a few intrepid friends head to the Food Bank to pick up food for the less served of Dayton. Today we picked up 5300lbs. That is a lot of food!

It’s always interesting to see what we will have to give away on the weekend. Rack of Lamb, Pork Loin, Brisket, Chicken, Steak etc.

Every Wednesday night beginning at 5:30ish people show up to pack the food into bags to be given away on the weekend.

The weekend in winter in Ohio is part of the story. We freeze but people are genuinely touched by the kindness of the Hope Foundation and by the hardy Vineyardite servants who brave the elements to carry groceries to the car, then offer prayer. People often weep, all seem to be grateful and genuinely enter into God Space where God things can happen. Sometimes doing the hard work behind the scenes is rewarded by the upfront aspect of living outwardly caring for others. All in all, Winter in Ohio is cold but somehow warms the heart.

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