Martin Luther King Junior Marching on!

This years march will be interesting. Obama is now in the White House and MLK dream has been realized to a point.

Many people have found their way out of poverty, or have never been in poverty and are seeking to make a difference in their world.

This year while wrapping presents at the mall I had some great conversations with several young people who were on their way. Several High School honor society students helped us wrap presents. They were very sharp and know where they were heading. One young man who popped in to have his present wrapped is studying Political Science and Philosophy at Wright State. These young people give me hope for their generation.

Yes, ‘some would say’ there is more liberty now than then. Yes, there are barriers that have broken down. However, All Men Created Equal has still not been realized in full in the USA. Still there is prejudice, and there is a prison of poverty. One of my friends’ son stated. “I’m a prisoner in my own home.” The reason, they live on Main St. in a bad side of town. It’s not safe.

Do Something!
We are attempting to make a difference. We serve the less served. We are there. We are not, just speaking about change, nor waiting for change but we are attempting to help people discover change through Jesus Christ and through meaningful practical service. We serve, we love, we care, we share. 

Each year we serve the marchers at Courthouse Square serving hot coffee and hot Chocolate for free.

It’s a small way to say, we support the process of freedom.

When: Monday 18th
Where: Meet at the Vineyard 10am or there Courthouse Square 11am.

for further reading see Dave Workman Blog The Blind Side

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