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Wow! I survived… 

Wrap it up was a success at Fairfield Commons Mall hundreds of people came to wrap presents, talk to people and to share their faith in a practical way. 

One lady came in and wanted to talk to me… the boss… as we talked she mentioned that she was raised a Catholic and wanted to reconnect to her faith. She went to her priest and asked how she could become reconnected. He mentioned he’d check with her 5th grade teacher and find out how she had been living the Christian life. In other words, no chance. 

I too have Catholic roots having been in boarding school for 3 years. I was able to share some of my journey toward faith and was able to explain that Jesus is our High Priest and that we can go directly through Him to reach out to God the Father, and that He has secured eternal salvation for those who chose to believe by faith through His grace. (see Hebrews 8 – 10)

It was a great talk… the purpose of Wrap it up? to create God space where people can be impacted by His generosity in a practical way.

Sara Jolie

My cousin sent this message to me today and I thought I’d share. “your church saved me today. i had to go out and get Jenny’s present for Jay since he had no clue what to get her. anyway we ran out of wrapping paper yesterday and i was not really looking forward to buying a whole role for one gift. Then i saw your church …wrapping gifts for free!! i was so excited. Please let them know i appreciated it very much, as i’m sure many others do too.” 

Christmas Dreams

This years event was the largest and best attended over 1400 people came to be served and 400 amazing volunteers showed up to help Make Christmas Dreams Come True. I was amazed by the energy and commitment from so many. One lady and her kids purchased 100 presents and we more than met the goal of 900 presents for the kids. I’m always thankful and grateful for the generosity of so many.


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