Baptism Vineyard Style

Interesting weekend this past weekend. Several Staff knew in their knower that this Baptism weekend was going to be big! So we prepared by purchascing new towels, a lot of new towels. Only 9 people were scheduled to be Baptized. Scott spoke about Baptism, as did Caleb in the teen junior high area.

Around 70 people responded to the message and were baptized in what they wore on the weekend. We used all the towels.

Here are a few highlights:

Katrina …I was sitting and watching all the people getting babtized at the Vineyard this morning when my oldest daught approaches me and says “Mom, I want to be babtized and give my life to Christ.” At this point my youngest daughter says “Me too!” Both my daughters were baptized this morning…Taylor and I both cried …tears of joy for queit a while…God is Sooooooo Great!!!!!

Anna I was the first person to be baptized at the first service. When Scott Sliver called me up by name, I had a moment of hesitation knowing that I was making a big decision… and being the only one who said I was going to be baptized today. But when I returned from changing, I saw a line of people being baptized and I saw one …of my friend’s brother in his nice Sunday clothes in line. The things that made my day were I got baptized and I feel great but also seeing my friend’s brother in line. By the way, congrats to everybody else who got baptized today! 😀

Ron Congratulations to those who were baptized last night and this morning. Holy Spirit is awesome. I love the way He moves in hearts. Street clothes baptism. Woot!

Christa am so thankful for my savior and his amazing love. I will never forget this day when my son had the courage to be baptized. Thank you Vineyard for making this day possible!

Kristi I was SO SO moved by today’s service, and the baptisms. I am waiting until my husband returns from Iraq to get baptized, as I know that he wants to be baptized also. I never even THOUGHT about doing it together until I witnessed couples doing it today. We were talking about renewing our vows..but what about getting baptized TOGETHER and renewing our marriage with the cleansing of CHRIST instead??

Here are the notes… 

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