traveling food pantry

We’ve inherited a new food pantry on wheels. Each week we pick up a couple of tons of food, pack bags and head out to locations dotted about Dayton. 1st Saturday of the month Fairborn, 2nd week Beavercreek, 3rd Saturday Huber Heights, 4th Thursday Dayton Food Pantry. So far it’s been a blast. People are more than encouraged by the amount and quality of the food. The Hope Foundation is the covering non-profit that we recently inherited.

Each week volunteers help sort, prepare menus and bag the food. Each person on average receives 3 bags of food plus perishable meat items, or cheese items.
A couple of weeks ago we were able sing happy birthday to a mom and her daughter.

Prayer times have been interesting. The poor of our cities are always open for prayer. What’s left for them to rely on?

Externally Focused people believe that good deeds, creates good will, that opens hearts to the good news. In my experience this is a true statement.

I prayed for a guy named Red, 47 years old, is a pastor’s son who has been running from God for many years. The prayer was moving as Red wept as he was touched by God’s hand.

Another lady had just worked double shifts, popped in for the groceries and received prayer. She was visibly moved and thankful.

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