Great conference with Rick. Over 200 leaders showed up for the day. People were buzzing, thinking and being challenged. Rick was well received and was appreciated for his wisdom, wit and more importantly his heart.

We used the give em the bag outreach to help apply what we were learning. Occasionally, I have a mild panic attack when speaking, so sure enough the ripple was felt in my soul,(i had restarted some meds and the side affects are: panic, anxiety, tremors etc. Duh? I thought it was more physiological than psychological) I recovered and led the download / feedback time and things went well.

I gave away 3 books, 2 by Rick the Externally Focused Church, the Externally Focused Life(which is a title change of Life On Loan) and God Space by Doug Pollock.

Elizabeth Worms led the day and as usual did a great job.

I believe we are at the forward end of the bell curve… the mid to late adapters are now embracing the serving movement. It’s clear that the movement is spreading around the world and is even becoming highlighted in our culture.

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