Extreme Makeover

We were asked to participate in the Extreme Makeover. Home Edition…The mayor asked if 5 churches would take on the task of providing water, helping people on an off the shuttle buses and answer basic questions. We were asked to serve on the reveal day. A Big Day and a Big Deal!

Pattie and I went to the site on the second day to check out what we were to do and more importantly, see first hand the site and the task. (tip:if you are planning an event, or doing an outreach not on your property…always, always go and check out the site.) We asked questions, observed and generally figured out what we were supposed to do. When we asked how are you giving water away? the reply was, we only give water to those who ask.

In our neck of the woods, we always hold out water for people to receive especially on a very hot day. So we knew we’d have to bring water much.

When we arrived at 7am people were already lined up. Some came at 4:30am. When we arrived the buses started rolling and we loaded 50 people per bus, as safe and as orderly as we could. This task flowed well.

About 8am some Blue shirt Walgreen people showed up. They asked, ‘Can we give out water with you guys we have 66 cases of water?’ We of course said yes. After talking to the Walgreen team it seems they wanted to give back to the community, the way you guys do at the Vineyard.

The serving day was a blast. 2500 bottles of water given, we loaded and unloaded the many, many buses. Helped people, carried their stuff, helped mom’s with their strollers, and the bulky baby stuff. It was more than fun. We served well, the home was completed, people arrived back and we helped clear the parking lot. All in the 12 hr day of serving. Our team was positive, humorous, and helpful. A great day to serve our communty.

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