the day in the life

back from a long rest from blogging… on vacation now back. today went to food pantry

good day at food pantry… prayed for two people.. on lady had been beaten with a metal baseball bat…her story was interesting…the residual effect has left her a bit disabled…she is a fighter and an optimist…one time homeless… interesting to pray and sense God’s connection to her life…

another lady’s husband had just gotten out of ICU after been beaten about the head with a beer bottle…sad thing the couple had tried to help the attacker offering a place to stay… he turned on the man in a sudden rage. Prayed for peace…and for God to heal her traumatized heart…again sensed God’s touch with and upon her. She was encouraged and left peaceful.

I’m amazed how people show up, connect at their level and feel valued and cared for.

Clayton one of the homeless guys was there needing a ride across town and needs a lift the end of the month of August to Court in Lebanon OH.

Clayton knew we’d take care of him. He asked, ‘Ever been locked up?’ I said, ‘Close once but never did get caught.’ He said, ‘You never want to go there.’ He is facing 4 year felony for missed child support even though he raised his son and paid his wife the support who spent the money upon her self.

Another guy, just spent a year in prison for parole violation. He met Jesus a few months before the violation but didn’t continue to walk. He told me he walked on the wild side again, and regretted the dark walk. Now back, after a year.

Another lady comes and serves…she is in her 60’s depressed and self focused. Many depressed people are…self focused, non optimistic (if depressed and optimistic it’s an oxymoron), and often depressed people live really close to their own reality… depression is really not fun… just ask someone who has walked that path…

She received prayer at a small group at the Biltmore and her pain in her back and legs is gone…the side benefit she is no longer depressed and has a bright smile. A change for the better.

My small part today was just a snapshot of the many other stories that told in the day and the life of our Main Street Campus.

Now sitting on my bed, typing, drinking a cold drink make me very grateful to have a part to play in God’s purpose. His purposes are good, acceptable and pleasing.

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