God Space…Be aware of God’s leading.

the starting point for awareness is accepting the fact that you and I are not usually aware of others and their needs. Realizing we are unaware, can pull us toward those slight God prompts of awareness. Seems He is always aware.

Old book written many years ago about Practicing the Presence of Jesus by brother Lawrence. It was a good book that encouraged the reader to practice tuning into the presence of Jesus. This experiential exercise is stimulating for some, fearful for others. I tend to tune in … in the morning usually a song in my heart, or I grab the guitar for audience of One…As a friend of mine says, ‘Well Lord, I’m open for business today.’

So how do we hear God’s voice His prompting.

Hebrews speaks about God speaking in ‘many fashions and in many ways’…this is certainly true today.

Expectation is a key to faith. Believing that God will speak me in the moment is a learned daily exercise. He is alive, active, and current in my life, therefore He wants to communicate to me.

Usually, He wants to communicate to me about others. Impressions, things I notice. I’ve learned if I slow down on the inside when I act on an impression… I discover I’ve heard or not heard. It’s learning to tune my receiver.

Today, in Good Will, I saw a guy I thought was my friend Darrel. So when I passed his back I slapped him on his back and said, ‘Hey, Darrel what’s up?’ He turned around not the guy…I said sheepishly, sorry…His wife said, ‘don’t worry about it he’s been Darrel all day.’ It’s learning to step out in faith.

James Ryle… Faith is the inevitable consequence of hearing God’s voice.’

So hearing and acting on what I’ve thought I’ve heard is an experiment.

Double Takes
Pictures in our minds eye
A verse
Someone looking like someone we know
An article of clothing, jewelry, some one is wearing

Sometimes the above help me be aware. Sometimes I’m aware when I see someone in need.

Acting in faith is the God space connector.

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