Creating God Space Revisited

I’m realizing that creating God space where God things can happen is current.

Becoming a friendly opened hearted person is the first step into the equation. I’ve noticed that people who are open hearted, have a spirit that is different than the norm.

Open hearted people are attractive. Usually an open hearted person is more other focused than self focused and tend to have a more positive outlook in life. In a class setting I ask, ‘What does friendly look like?’

Some answers:
Open faced
Makes eye connection


Willing to listen

Doesn’t pass judgement


Genuinly caring

Has a sense of humor
Good attitudes
Believes the best

Not negative

Fun to be around

What’s friendly? Friendly means showing kindness to someone, as a friend would behave. Wikipedia


1. characteristic of or befitting a friend; showing friendship: a friendly greeting.
2. like a friend; kind; helpful: a little friendly advice.
3. favorably disposed; inclined to approve, help, or support.
4. not hostile or at variance; amicable: friendly natives.

6. Also, friend⋅li⋅ly. in a friendly manner; like a friend.

7. a person who is in sympathetic relationship to oneself or one’s side; one who shows no hostility.

bef. 900; ME frendly, OE frēondlīc.

Related forms:

friend⋅li⋅ness, noun
1. companionable, neighborly. 2. kindly, amiable, cordial, genial, affectionate, kind-hearted. 3. benevolent, well-disposed, helpful, favorable; advantageous, propitious.

Antonyms: 3. antagonistic.

I think being a friendly open hearted person is a doable practice. I often wonder what would happen if every follower of Jesus would seek to be a friendly open hearted person every day? How many conversations would be started? How many acts of kindness would be generated? How many hearts would open?

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