B&B BBQ and Baptisms

We had a great weekend last weekend. Major milestones for us as a church. The ground breaking event was powerful, meaningful and full of hope for the future. BBQ downtown was also a great day.

People were Baptized after the service and just before the BBQ. Great to see people who have decided to press into walking with Jesus and choosing to follow Him into Baptism.

We closed off the parking lot(informed people 2 weeks out)… due to a lesson we learned last year…chaos…attempting to set tables between cars was crazy and having cars in the parking lot diminished the community feel we were seeking to create.

So we created space. Interestingly at 4am someone drove their truck right up to the front entrance of the church and left it there. A few of us moved the truck…
The community feel was established.

Our servers arrived, many just walked out of the building and asked what can I do to help?

Why BBQ? Last year a couple of guys asked, “Can we come to the urban church and give our best to the people of Dayton?” Answer. Absolutely! So, 6 teams came and stayed out all night in Downtown Dayton and cooked BBQ. This year there were 9 teams who gave up sleep, traveling from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Simply to show God’s love in a practical way to the people of Dayton.

rainbow during BBQ

Result: Community Impact
bringing light, hope, and courage to a dark place.

  • 7 people Baptized. Largest non-holiday attendance in the church.
  • 500+ people served BBQ
  • St Vincent shelter served BBQ for the homeless
  • Dayton Street Team took BBQ out to the homeless camp
  • Robb and co took BBQ to the people of the Biltmore (low income housing in the center of Dayton)
  • Neighborhood is able to sense God’s love and a sense of normality

Pictures by Cyndi Parsons.

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