Leading leaders what? 2

think off the top of my head…as a leading leader i need to know the value of people and relationships…team is not just about sharing the same goals, values but being family…the best teams come from being family….another is that we are doing what we do to build His Kingdom not just a church or a ministry…they need to know that I am leading them toward fufilling a mission from God, not just bigger and better religion…they want to know that we as leading leaders value charchter, integrity….that we are real ..what you see is what you see in and out of staff meetings, pulpit etc. that the power behind success is not personality or pressure but the power of His Spirit…. BL

hey probably wish I had a better gauge of what they already knew, so that I did not waste time reteaching or preaching to the choir stuff that they not only get, but are actively applying. Since I tend to tell quite a few stories while providing leadership examples, they also probably wish I would remember what stories I have already told them so often that they can now tell those stories better than I can. I also wonder if they wish I would not make grand assumptions about what they get and are capable of. Being hyper-intuitive and a bit experienced, I forget that was has become as normal as breathing for me, can often still be elusive to them. Tossing them a few nuts and bolts when they not only need the whole crankshaft along with the schematics doesn’t help them, even if I can perform the assembly in my sleep–not because of a more advanced skill set or talent, but merely because repetition leads to short cuts, and we might need to explain those short cuts KG

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