80 degree hot with a lot of serving going on

whew what a day Saturday… block party, and helping RBT Dayton. Over 100 people served yesterday helping others.

The block party on Main Street was a big hit… 400 + people turned out. Good food, bouncy, music see our set list itunes. Good time had by most. Only had to call the cops 2 times for the same incident… some political name gathering people’s names to legalize gambling in Ohio refused to leave argued with cops until the Sargent arrived. Leave or jail is a good persuader. Now we have to have a no solicitation on our sign…sigh. Great to see rich and poor alike having a great time on Main St.

Rebuild day went great 25 people gathered to scrap paint, paint, plant flowers, and redue a brick walk. a bit ambitious but we completed the task. Only took 12 hrs to do the work. whew…80 degree weather helped. Result, total house repaint, new electrics, new indoor trim, high hall repaired, doors replaced and total inside paint job inside and out. It was a long day but well worth the effort.

Rebuild Together Dayton painted and fixed 19 homes with 1000 volunteers. A good thing in our community.

People want to serve, make a difference and show God’s love in practical ways. Glad to be part of a serving church.

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