Ever had a dream and you know… that dream… it wasn’t the pizza? I have… I dream often, usually when there is something I need to know, or do, or turn from, the idea pops up in my dreams usually just before I awake.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the full extent of a persons sin…stuff… and the effect it can have upon a person…going beyond a person, the full extent sin can have on a family…going beyond a family, the full extent it can have on a church, a city, a county, a nation, a world, etc.

We usually think in the arena of personal, not beyond. However, can what a person does in private have an impact beyond that persons private, hidden sin? I think so. (you can blame Dave Workman he wrote about this in his blog a few months ago thus the thinking.

Think about King David’s personal sin(not Dave Workman) and the full extent of his sin upon, his life, his family, his nation.)

Bottom line the full extent of our personal sin, was placed Jesus upon a cross. He paid the full price for our stuff bearing it upon himself… receiving in and upon Himself the full extend of God’s justice for us.

Humbling, grace is. yoda

So, it is important to keep ourselves unstained from the world in which we live… a challenge to say the least.

I also woke up the other day and remembered the passage where ‘Jesus showed his disciples… the full extent of his love’…He washed their feet.

After dinner he took off his outer garments and used a bath towel to put around his waist, poured water in a basin and washed the disciples feet. Peter as usual said ‘no Lord’ (oxymoron).

Jesus, ‘If I don’t wash your feet you have no part in Me’…Peter changed his tune...’Not just my feet but all of me.’ (I, like Peter sometimes think the washing I need is more than just my feet. Example, I was overly mad at my lazy sons today, I’m tired of doin the bloomin dishes for them… talk about needing some restoration in my heart. What’s a dirty dish compared to our ongoing relationship? nothing really…)

Jesus mentioned that a bath is what we need for us to be totally cleansed,we are buried with Him in baptism,and spiritually baptized into His body, but when we walk in our world sometimes we just need to have our feet washed. Ever needed your feet cleaned from where you walked with your feet, eyes or imagination? The answer for most of us is…absolutely.

What to do? What to do?

So, one one hand there is an awareness that our stuff can affect others spiritually, emotionally and if you’re really out there physically.

On the other hand when we run to God and ‘when we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ 1John 1:9

Human stupidity, then the realization of needing God’s restorative, cleansing Grace is pretty amazing.

I reckon I’ll head downstairs and tell the guys I love them more than the dirty dishes and to ask forgiveness for my non-God guy bad example. sheish!… one day I may get it right. in the mean time…I reckon I’ll need my feet washed.

ps Brian Tome met me in my dream…I’ve never met Brian but listen to his stuff from time to time check out reset church http://www.crossroads.net/downloads/playVideo.php&idMedia=827

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