Creating God Space Class

Just completed the class. A good solid, helpful, energy filled look at Creating God Space. Creating Space Where God Things Can Happen.

Clues for creating God space. Learn to: (I believe the sections below can be learned, developed, practiced and nurtured.)

  • Be a friendly,(pause at friendly) open-hearted person. Relational vs Confrontational.
  • Be aware of God’s leading. Responding to God nudges.
  • Notice need.Awareness is key, having a willingness to be interrupted as you do life.
  • Discover a person’s spiritual address. Listen to their story. Look, listen, and sense where they are in relation to their God view and their need as they talk.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Wonder into their hearts. Key is genuine care for the other person not used as a means to an end but genuinely caring.
  • Share your story. If you have a story that relates to their life share it.
  • Offer prayer. Prayer is the connection point. Usually, people respond in a positive way when they sense genuine love and care… no strings attached.
  • Share God’s story found in Jesus Christ.

I gleaned some concept for the training from Bill Hybils, Doug Pollock, Dave Ping James Ryle, Steve Sjogren and Doug Roe. Also used small group dvd Just Walk Across The Room, small group dvd Irresistible Evangelism, and Hippo In the Garden as reference books. I also used several flim clips, Honda Commercial UK, Awareness test UK, Penn Says, Got Service Sermon Spice, Evangelism montage from Doug Pollock, Yours for Life and a great Coke Commercial.

The highlight for the class was the Noticing section. Helping people to be aware of people within their sphere of influence. After an hour of discussion, I sent the class out into the community to notice people, take notes and take risks. The Feed back was more than great.

Over all the feedback was favorablel see older posts for more info. I want to do more with this concept.

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