Wright State Students Slam Dunk

Last night 4 guys gathered and bagged up 50 bags of groceries and headed out to share the love at a HUD apartment building just down the street from the Vineyard.

6 weeks ago I received a call from one of the guys asking if I would be willing to help them develop and execute a class project for Business and Leadership.

We met discussed what they wanted to do. They wanted to raise funds and food to help the less-served of our city. So over the 6 weeks they raised over $500, some food donations, two cases of bananas and 25 bags of Chips and salsa from Don Pablo’s.

Last night at the Vineyard they bagged the food, loaded up the truck and headed up the street. It was a great night.

I stayed in the lobby as the guys knocked on the doors. Their line…’Hi! we’re students from Wright State and we have a free gift for you. It’s a bag of groceries.’ After giving the groceries away usually a small conversation would begin and they’d tell their story and that they were working with the Vineyard just down the street. The Chips and salsa was a huge hit and a great idea.

As I was standing in the lobby people began to gather…the buzz was electric…One lady stated, ‘Thanks for coming we were beginning to wonder if there were any nice young people out there.’ One lady didn’t have an eye, another lady had tremors, another lady was blind and missing part of a leg, another was deaf, one had had two strokes, and one was ‘normal’. An interesting crew. I was amazed at my heart and the rising compassion I felt for each of them. We had a lot of fun and connection talking.

Police…you got to be kidding?
Nope. Someone called the police. This was interesting. Some grumpy person didn’t appreciate the kindness in action. The people in the lobby became pretty fired up. ‘We know who did this.’ ‘Amazing…you guys doing good and someone calls the police.’ The night manager came down to vouch for us. I explained we had permission from the manager etc etc. The exasperated policeman said, ‘Next time get it in writing.’ Lesson learned. Who’d a thunk.

I told the people after the policeman left that we were ok and that they were more upset than we were. It comes with the territory.

At the end of the delivery…I asked the guys, ‘Did you receive more than you gave?’ They replied, ‘Far more than we gave.’

So we parted and the guys drove away. Next week I’ll be heading to Wright State to listen to their presentation. Know what… I have a great job!

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