thinking … an evangelist is a friendly open-hearted person. Think… Why?

Jesus was the most friendly person on the planet. People wanted to be around Him? He was invited to parties, to people homes.

Been invited to any parties lately or to any tax collectors homes?

He was a friend of sinners. ??? This statement, given by the religious hierarchy of his day, was meant to be a slam against his character.

Somehow, Jesus was a person people wanted to invite into their homes. He was a person who was the most together person on the planet. He understood emotion, He wept…I’m sure he laughed…I’m also sure that some of his teaching was humorous. I laugh at times when I think how he talked to the disciples and asked them to do some interesting stuff.

Think of the time he asked Peter to go catch a fish and find a coin in the fishes mouth. I mean that’s pretty amazing.

In the movie Jesus, He is pictured in one scene… splashing the disciples with water at a well.

I wonder?… traveling with 12 guys for 3 years what stories were shared? What experiences they experienced? Was it all serious? I don’t think so.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being around anyone who is not consistently friendly. Those not consistently friendly I say, pleeeease get a life. One leader said ‘most uptight leaders need to have their butts pinched and not take themselves or what they do soooo seriously.’

If being unfriendly, always serious, always nitpicking, is a habit. The habit needs to change. I don’t for a second think 12 guys would follow someone who was religiously up tight for 3 years.

Something about Jesus was attractive. Something within Jesus produced follower-ship. I believe he was the most friendly open-hearted person on the planet.

How about you? Ask yourself, am I consistently friendly and open heated toward others?
If you are leader, what tone or atmosphere are you setting in your workplace… among your leaders, or within your church?

A good question to ask, Would you work for you? If you are wondering if you’d work for you. Here is a simple tip. Ask your spouse.

Watch…How important is friendly?

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