MLKJ March Outreach.

In freezing cold (12 degrees) a few intrepid Vineyard people decided to offer hot coco and hot coffee to the marchers. It was a blast. I often forget why I enjoy some outreach projects than others. I now remember…

historic…tying into the community on such days are encouraging. Today’s leader came over and voiced his appreciation of what we were doing. We had a great conversation talking about the march, what our new plans are to begin to develop ‘911-rapid response teams’ and working with the Red Cross. Somehow connecting to historic events builds bridges into the heart of our community.

faith building… we had a new guy with us, first outreach, he just showed up as he was passing out the hot coco a lady began to to talk to him. Asked, are you guys the Vineyard? He affirmed. She then told him about how ‘the Vineyard’ helped her this year to have Christmas presents for her kids. This contact built his faith… Creating God Space works. Lot’s of connect cards given and people voicing their appreciation builds faith.

fun… being cold, plus driving a fun truck, problem solving, enjoying the vibe and atmosphere of the march is just plain fun.

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