God Space

reading Doug Pollocks manuscript for his book about creating God space. It’s a good read…so far he has covered the basics of discovering the space God that is created in everyday conversations.

I think being aware (or noticing) others is a key. Being aware of others, the simple double take, can be an acquired skill that can be utilized in touching a life with kindness that can quickly move toward a person having a God encounter.

I do think the connection point when the relational space is create is offering to pray for a person seems to be a positive one.

My experience: people who are conversational, having a dialogue about a friend, family member, or a problem are more than open to receive prayer. ‘Prayer’, as one great statesman stated, ‘moves God toward people and people toward God.’ Something happens when we take a risk and offer to pray for a person.

During Wrap it up God space was happening in a big way.

One couple listened to a couples story as they wrapped their presents. With real, not a planned, concern they asked if they could pray with the couple. They affirmed their need and a brief prayer was given. Later the same night the ‘Wrap it up’ couple went out for dinner. They waited to be seated and as they were seated they noticed the couple they prayed for at Wrap it up was sitting at the next table. The couple then voiced their appreciation for the care they sensed and the conversation continued. A few days later they arranged to meet again for dinner. They had a great time connecting.

This past weekend the couple and three kids were at the Vineyard. They liked the vibe, atmosphere and the kids loved Vineyard Kidz.

Hopefully they will continue their journey discovering all the Jesus offers.

This is in a nutshell God space being created where God things can happen.

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