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I’ve been reading a friends manuscript, his new book titled God Space. We’ve been talking about the subject for a few years. It will be a must read for all who seek to reach their friends, family, workmates and community.

Wednesday, January 14th we’ll be kicking off the Winter season for Discipleship Pathway. I’ll be teaching Creating God Space. I’m pretty excited about the course and the new serving opportunities we will be launching in 2009. One thing for sure we are not going to drift through life on the river of routine. We’ll be stretching our faith and our practice.

This seminar will help us learn how to hear God’s voice for others, and how to pray for people more effectively. We will also learn how we can develop spiritual gifts and share our faith effectively.

Below are the class requirements and the clues for discovering how to create God space.

Creating God Space
Course Requirements

  • Journal Everyday… I use moleskine, Bible, Books and fountain pen
  • Practice Hearing God’s Voice Everyday… Read God’s word, pray, connect spiritually
  • Practice Creating God Space Everyday… begin to practice as you learn the Clues for Creating God space listed below.

Each week we will search and discover one or two clues.

Clues for creating God space. We will learn to:

  • Be a friendly open-hearted person. Relationsal vs Confrontational.
  • Be aware of God’s leading. How to hear God’s voice.
  • Notice need.
  • Discover a person’s spiritual address. Listen to their story. Look, listen, and sense their need as they talk.
  • Ask great questions. Wonder your way into their hearts.
  • Share your story. If you have a story that relates to their life share it.
  • Offer prayer. Prayer is the connection point. Usually, people respond in a positive way when they sense genuine love and care… no strings attached. Prayer brings God into the space He created.
  • Share God’s story found in Jesus Christ.

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