Whew! What a season!

photo’s Cyndi D. Parsons

What a season! The Vineyard people and staff really stepped up this year. Hundreds of Vineyard people joyfully served beyond and above the call, making time, energy, and financial sacrifices. They are a pretty good outward focused church.

Because they stepped up We were able to:

  • Throw a party for 1400 people (families and over 800 children) who are the less served of Dayton.
  • Enlist 575 joyful, caring, giving servers to serve the people at the party.
  • Office prep, excel, photo copy, call families multiple times, think, plan, prepare logistics beginning in August continuing until Jan to gather stats, info, stories, photos, film etc. Huge thanks to Donna and Nicole
  • Wrap, sort, order, arrange, transport over 1200 presents for the party. Kerri B and team were amazing.
  • Blow up thousands of balloons, create wonderful table decorations, and atmosphere enhancers. Bonnie and team worked tirelessly.
  • Give over 400 bags of groceries to the party goers…thanks to the frozen grocery bag givers. Shawn and co were the frozen chosen
  • Painted hundreds of faces, hands, and other body parts.
  • Helped kids make hundreds of very creative, fun crafts for their parents
  • Gave hundreds of bars of raspberry holiday soap to every parent.
  • Ensure every child attending received a wrapped present
  • Raised enough cash to cover all the expenses thanks to generous people and large person gifts and a special gift from James Advantage Fund.
  • Help support St. Vincents with food from the party.


  • Wrapped up presents for hundreds of people, 150 people wrapping during the season…‘that’s a lot of wappers’, to quote elmer fudd.
  • Served hundreds of people served at the food pantry, cooks cooking a hot breakfast, servers serving and washing over 300 plates, 900 forks knives and spoons, not to mention bacon pans, grill, cups, bowls, etc. and our team giving over 200 Christmas bags of groceries to grateful people.
  • Cared for the homeless by going out into the streets of Dayton with blankets and food
  • Served area families offering prayer, presents and food from Beavercreek Vineyard. Monday we gave 300 presents to care for 150 children in 37 families.

Serving others Creates God space where God things can happen.

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