Wrap It Up!

We’ve had a great time at a Wrap It Up! Slow at times but steady. This weekend will be a busy one. Most people wait until the last minute to purchase presents and have them wrapped. Our 12-2 shift has worked well reaching the lunch time workers who have been grateful for our service.

Yesterday a couple of college students came in. One asked. ‘What is that huge thing you do in October at your place? So I explained the event was FunFest creating a safe place for families on Halloween.

We then began to talk about their need for a place to serve for their community service requirements for college. So I explained all we do and how they could be involved. One girl said, ‘I haven’t been to church in a long time.’ We talked about what she’d experience if she attended. I finished wrapping their presents, and she shook my hand and said. ‘I’m very glad to have met you. We’ll see you this weekend.’

Another man walked by and stated, The Vineyard. He then stopped and asked about who we were, what we were doing, where we were located, and service times.

Other usual comments, What’s the catch? Why? This is cool. Nice! You’ve made my day. Thanks for the de-stress.

We always explain, ‘We’re showing you God’s love in a practical way.’ Servant evangelism, creates God space where God things can happen.

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