The Great Donut Giveaway!

Thanksgiving… what would Thanksgiving be without the great donut giveaway... for the past 6 years we have been the official greeters at one of our local malls.

Each year we arrive early…5:30am… to greet the blackfriday shoppers. We have tables reserved inside located at each major entrance and exit. When people arrive they are greeted by our team (smiling, early morning glad to see ya people) with Krispy Kreeme donuts and Boston Stoker coffee.

This outreach is in the top ten of all outreach projects.
The matrix I use for most of the outreach projects we pull off is Len Sweets E.P.I.C.

  • Experience…are people, both the people serving and the people we serve, having a positive, uplifting experience
  • Participation…..are people, both the people serving and the people we serve, able to participate in the outreach, touch, taste, smell, read, and understand
  • Image…does the outreach produce a positive image, thus the new signs, great connect cards,smiling people, Boston Stoker Cups and Krispy Kreeme Donuts
  • Connective… does the outreach connect positively to a felt need, or does the outreach generate a sense of enjoyment and connect to both the server and the receiver.

The answer for this outreach is yes in all aspects.

  • the servers and the receivers are both having a positive experience
  • both are participating, one is giving, the other is receiving
  • the image is positive
  • our early morning serving connects to a felt need, give me the coffee, a donut ummmm don’t you just love em!

Behind the scenes:

  • 1 month out we order thousands of donuts, 4 full racks and 200 dozen packed in boxes to give to all the shops in the mall area. We use the wagons to pull the donuts to each shop. Large shops receive 4 dozen, smaller shops 2 or 1 dozen depending on the size of shop
  • 3 weeks out we place the ad in our program to encourage servers to sign up, ( we need 50 people to pull off the outreach)
  • 3 weeks out we order the coffee, cups and lids
  • 1 week out we receive the coffee cups and lids, complements of Boston Stoker, great advertising for them, great coffee for us
  • 1 week out we purchase sugar, packets of coffee creamer, napkins and stirring sticks
  • 1 week out we clean our 4 wagons in order to transport the coffee to the entrance locations
  • 1 week out we clean and if necessary reorder Free Donuts! and Dayton Vineyard A pretty good church signs.
  • 3 days out we pack the wagons with signs, cups, lids, condiments, napkins, It’s on Us! connect cards and name tags, sharpies etc.
  • 1 day out we celebrate Thanksgiving with family

Day of:

  • 3:30am we brew the 20 pots of coffee
  • 5:00am we load truck and head to mall
  • 5:30am we arrive at the Mall and set up stations
  • 6:00am we welcome bleary eyed yet smiling servers, give instructions and head to stations and begin to serve the people of Dayton
  • 8:30am Donuts are gone we head to the nearest breakfast place
  • 10am we unload truck and head home.

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